Responsive Design

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design or RWD is a new approach towards web designing that allows the web pages of the desktops to be viewed with in response to the size of the device one is using to view it. A site which is designed with RWD easily adjusts itself with the layout of the environment from where it is viewed. Proportion-based grids, fluid, flexible images, CS33 media queries and more are some of the technologies which are used. The elements of the page sizes the fluid grid concept according to the comparative units like percentages instead of absolute units like points or pixels. In relative units, the flexible images get sized in relative units so that they do not display thecomprising element. The most important characteristic is the width of the browser.

Responsive Web Design services by Wizard Infotech can be used by the people to promote the products and the services of any business house, to the greatest extent. It can be done with greatest efficiency if the following keys are followed:

  • Information architecture: This is the main key to organize, structure and label the content so that the users find their relevant information. The content has to presented in a way to the users so that it provides useful information to the users.
  • Content: Any modern website will be in need of more than textual content. The content should have the capacity to captivate the readers and should be a combination of various types. The content should be exactly according to the need of the readers and should have engaging headlines, information and persuasive call to actions.
  • Navigation: The website navigation should be clearly done with minimum learning curve.
  • Usability: Usability refers to the fact that whether the targeted users can meet their learning goals or not.
  • Performance: The performance of the web design service providers should be relied upon for their security, scalability and seed.

Responsive Web Designing Services India, Wizard Infotech proudly follow the above specifications and provide services of the greatest quality.