Mobile Site Development

Mobile Development Website Company and its Functions

Basically mobile devices have myriad requirements when it comes to hardware characteristics. Their needs are distinctive from laptops or desktops. They have the capacity to automatically switch the screen orientation between landscape and portrait and their screens are smaller. This happens when the user rotates the device. They also have user input and touch screens. APIs like geolocation or orientation are not supported on desktops but give the users of mobiles a new way of interaction. Thus working with small screens is slightly different from working with bigger screens.

The mobile website development has to be little different, so that the web site can adapt its layout to the environment from where it is viewed. This is because the size and the orientation of the screen changes. WizardInfotech offers myriad mobile website development servicesthat includes techniques like application of fluid CSS layouts to make the page adapt easily as the size of the browser window changes and the use of media queries to use the CSS rules which are appropriate for the width and height of the screen of the device. There is also the viewport meta tag which instructs the browser to display the website exactly at the size and scale which fits the device of the user.

Being a mobile website development company, we have to look after the above functions but do not stay limited in the same. Our main purpose is to create websites that will be accepted by all mobile browsers. We have to keep in mind some important deliverables. They are:

  • Avoiding browser specific features like the CSS properties which are prefixed by the vendors.
  • If the features are not used, it should always be checked whether the other browsers have their own versions of the above mentioned features and whether they are trying to implement them.
  • There are some browsers which do not accept these features. In these cases an appropriate back up method should be provided.

The web sites should also have specific features for the devices such as the screen size and the touch screens, and accordingly adjust themselves. For this the algorithm has to be correct, and that is what the professionals always keep themselves busy with.