Establish a Private Label SEO Reseller Account

For a SEO reseller company it is a must to work according to needs of the clients. So, we at Wizard Infotech, acts as a reseller company and works on a simple process. In the first step, you need to fill an application form by reading and understanding all the terms and conditions. After accepting all these conditions, you will get a call from WizardInfotech within 24 hours on any of the working days.

Before the acceptance of any application form, it is reviewed first at Wizard Infotech. For our approval, all you need to have a running company website matching to our needed profile. After satisfying all these conditions, you can move on further. This process is use to avoid general public at large at a whole rate. But if you need some other help or answers for your questions, then a representative at Wizard Infotech will be always happy to help you.

Decide the price

At Wizard Infotech, we ensure those SEO services which are completely customize and works only for the benefit of the client. With all this resellers can get a chance to establish a brand name which is not only independent but strong also. Along with this, the reseller could also get a time to make a research in the market before taking any final decision on the pricing. We never come forward to make our presence but actually we work like a reputed firm with team of professionals for certain fields like networking, sales and marketing to determine the profits.

Duties of Reseller

For any reseller company, the first thing is to perform its duty with full dedication and for the proper satisfaction of the client. So for all these, it needs a great quality of partnership. At Wizard Infotech, we work from the back stage but give preference to all business prospects.


  • Firstly it is a must for a reseller company to understand the world of SEO. Understanding the concept of keyword density, its use, statistics and several other notable things are must for this. All this knowledge is needed for the selling of the SEO concept to the client. How much services a reseller can sell and at what price is directly proportionate to the resellers’ quantity of knowledge.

  • Sales and customer service is the only liability of the reseller company. In order to run its business and to get client, a reseller may need to hire sale team or any experts of marketing team. Along with these, it is the responsibility of the reseller to provide appropriate support to the customers, with up to date progress monthly and weekly reports.

  • Billing work is also important for a reseller. Maintaining all the records, amount of work done and their payments status should be done by a reseller. It is very important to keep an eye on the payment from the end client which is due.

  • Lastly, a reseller must be cable of educating and advising the client. At Wizard Infotech, to establish a full control on the clients all this work is done by the professionals.

Proposal Making Procedure

Proposal writing is a must do thing for a SEO reseller. The type of proposal sends by a reseller company to a client totally tells about your company and the services which your organization provides. So, if you need any assistance while preparing of proposals, thenWizard Infotech is there to help you out. Therefore this service of ours can help you in attracting your client.

Report Making Procedure

Reports making plays a significant role while providing any SEO service. At Wizard Infotech, we give preference to this and for that we work with a great project management tool called BaseCamp. It provides you freedom of checking the status of all campaign any time. We feel pride with having the most extensive SEO supplier reviews in the market.